Leehom x Avicii-Forget myself

A new, refreshing and innovative collaboration! With Leehom, you always need to listen more than once to get used to his new sound before it’ll finally hit you!

Leehom’s Tuesday Diary on his new song <Forget myself>!

Khalil and Miss Ko!

Some press-release shots for Jolin Tsai’s 2014 album!

Shi Shi feat. Miss Ko-Get Crazy

Genie Zhuo-One button (一颗纽扣)

Welcome to the fourth and final day of our ‪#‎SunshineCollection‬ series! I hope that you enjoyed reading each of them as much as I did writing them! For the last one, here’s Xiao Yu doing it for the boys with his song simply titled<海>(Sea). Whenever I think of the sea, I think of sunshine bouncing off the waves with a gentle but upbeat energy; and that’s exactly what Xiao Yu’s song reflects. The arrangement bounces up and down like waves overlapping, with bass beats and guitar pluckings resonating off each other, as different as sunlight and waves,creating a sparkling brilliance that just lights up your day. Have a great day, and thanks for reading and listening to APW’s #SunshineCollection !

Welcome to Day 3 of APW’s ‪#‎SunshineCollection‬! Today we have for you a real treat to once again brighten up your day, no matter what the weather is like where you are! A-Lin's <Big Hug>(大大的拥抱) is another one of my favourite songs written by the awesome Skot Suyama, and like the music video itself, the song is bursting with warmth and happiness, as if A-Lin's voice is coming in for a huge bear-hug! Happiness is all around you, if only you know where to look! Hope you guys enjoy the third installment in the Sunshine Collection!