Big Girl, You Are Beautiful! Rock Record takes a step in the right direction with a new girl group called Big Girls大女孩 and their rockin’ single <Love clustering>. Sweet, funny, and these girls can really sing! All my support!

So in love with this song right now! This is actually the english demo version with lyrics written by Jonathan Wong himself. Skot produced and c-wrote the song with him!


This has got to be one of my favourite music videos ever, and is definitely one of my favourite songs on Lala’s latest album! I first heard her sing this live at her concert, and recall her saying that this song was headed towards a different style from the slower ballads that she usually composes. Although this is truly a step in another direction for Lala, she steps up to the challenge and takes it on fully, embracing an entire new side of her personality that listeners have never seen before; one that is fun, sassy, ridiculous, but always adorable. The branding of the song for me is more headed towards an electronic european pop sound, but with Lala’s own signature sincerity added to it, especially in the rebellious lyrics by Sandee Chen which encourage listeners to face up to themselves both in terms of their relationships and themselves. 

This song has really shown me a different side of Lala, her headstrong, outspoken side comes through in the song, as does her passion for music, which is what I love about her. She completely engages with this song on every level, emotionally and technically as well as physically (as you can see by her dance moves), and I just find it amazing every time I watch her perform or interact with music. An awesome song for when you’re blue or just a little pissed off at times. Shake it out with Lala!

Jolin Tsai Doesn’t Want To Attend Jay Chou’s Wedding


Jolin Tsai Doesn’t Want To Attend Jay Chou’s Wedding

I understand why she feels this way.

Taiwanese singer and dancer, Jolin Tsai, says she refuses to attend her ex-boyfriend, Jay Chou’s wedding during a conference for a cosmetics brand in Taipei. Chou’s wedding is set to be in January next year.

The singer expressed her congratulations for the couple, but when asked by reporters if she would attend the wedding, she replied that it wouldn’t be…

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One of my favourite songs from Peggy’s latest album <La Valse>! This song captures very clearly many emotions associated with growing up, bittersweet, heavy-heartedness and nostalgia all shown through Peggy’s clear and bell-like vocals.

Christine Welch&#8217;s mini album is out on KKBOX now!

Christine Welch’s mini album is out on KKBOX now!